Did this zombie book just make me cry?

The Dead Lands - Joe McKinney

Yes. Yes it did. So first. I had listened to this author's Quarantined and fell quickly in love with the style of writing. And so I thought, zombies? Sure! Why not. As soon as I started listening to this, I lost myself in it. You know an audiobook is good when you stay up late in bed listening. Having to repeat the last half hour over and over because you are fighting sleep just to listen. You know it's good when you are making dinner and listening. When you are shopping and listening. Hell, when you are talking to the cashier at the local market...and listening. I could not put this audiobook down.


First the story was a bit off from 'normal' zombie stories. It had a very weird future not future feel to it. The story is pretty much zombie apocalypse. People surviving said zombies. But this had a unique take on things. The book takes place well after zombie invasion. And it settles in for a while on a small community of survivors. They decide to wander outside their safe zone and see what's still out there. Guess what? It's zombies! And other things. Both good and bad. The only way I can describe this without giving up the tale is to think M Night Shyamalan. Then at the end you get sucked into a few more views of the zombie timeline. It had gore. Which I love! And then it had a very interesting human story. The characters were unique. Were fleshed out well too. And the story moves along from one perilous adventure to another. 


But towards the end, I was silently weeping. Yeah. The reality of the situation felt tangible. I was there. I was so immersed into the story, I was there. A silent journeyman. This book is everything I love about zombie stories. There is the intensity and the gore. And then before you know it, there is the reality and the hopeless nature of things. The realization that the world is not the way it was before you closed your eyes. And suddenly you are the alien in this world of dead. And you must survive it. Or become it.