Does the butt scootch...

Symbiont - Mira Grant

Let's talk about the worms! Ok so this is the sequel to the first set of worms. And damn. They are back with a vengeance. The story picks right up where the first left off. You don't get a quick run down of the first go around. So hop on the ride, hold on, and let's do the creepy crawly dance while we listen. 


Parasites. Healthy purposeful parasites. The canine aid of the new human evolution. What could possibly go wrong? How about those worms start sniffing each other's pheromones and want to start being human? That's a problem. Some parasites just chill in your body till it smells another one and then hears the sounds of revolt! Some partly wake up and get fucked in the head. These are the sleep walkers. They just shamble about zombie like. And when I say zombie like I mean they BITE and want to eat you human! Some are super smart and integrate completely with the host and take over. Those are the scary ones. Because you can't tell who they are! 


And thus the war begins. Are humans in the right for wanting to destroy the parasites because it's their body first? Are parasites in the right because they didn't ask for this. They are just evolving. Too bad bro. Your body is now mine!


And in the middle is Sal. The one chic who naturally integrated her tapeworm with her dying brain. And she's all sorta of being pulled in the middle. The goverment wants her. Because the government also includes her father who just wants his missing dead daughter who came back to life but really isn't his daughter. Or is she?


The mad scientists want her because they want to replicate her.


The other mad scientists want her so they can find a way to destroy her kind before the whole world goes sleep walker.


The one rogue parasite/human hybrid/scientist also wants her to be a weapon in his war against the humans.


And she just wants to live.


With her boyfriend Nate.


And their two dogs Beverly and Mini (who they took because their owners went sleep walker cray cray)


Ahhh..the first review of 2015. I like this new writing style. It's wicked fun!