Apocalypse of the zombie of the living dead returns

Apocalypse of the Dead - Joe McKinney

You know the zombie titles I read all merge into one after a while. But in this case..there is a reason. This is the second in a series of Dear World books. Pretty much a hurricane in the gulf coast comes baring zombie cooties. They quarantine the area. But yeah. zombies do the illegal border crossing on out of there. What I liked about this story is what I also didn't like. But that's not to say I didn't love this book. It's the generic zombie survival story. And I'm well aware of that. I'm not looking for Zombie Masterpiece Theater here. I like that there are a number of storylines with a number of different people. And they all eventually converge into one final plot. What's also nice is that some bad guys end up going good and some good guys turn out to be full on creepers. And I hadn't a clue when I started reading this. You do get involved with the people. That kept me interested. What I didn't like is that these were not the people from the first book. And they are all gone in the next one. The narrator was awesome. At first I was like this guy has the Texas twang down and it's getting on my nerves if everyone speaks like this. But then suddenly we are in Vegas and Cali and I'm like is this the same guy? He really pulled off the voices. And there are quite a few. I was able to follow along with who was who just by accent and tone alone. It did wrap up the story line. But I wished I could find out more about them. Which I guess is a sign of a good story.


Also, my listening time is severely diminished since my work commute is 15 minute via bike. So I'm going slower then last year. But still trucking along religiously in listening to these audiobooks! I stopped trying to listen before bed. I was getting creepy zombie dreams. No bueno