A strong female lead that isn't bat shit crazy

Flesh Eaters - Joe McKinney

So. What can I say about this audiobook? 

The plot: Does that matter? It's zombies. During an outbreak. There are survivors. The Dead World series is pretty much a known. The plot is to show you a series of characters and what happens to them. Their growth and or demise. The end. Pretty simple. Straightforward. But always a great listen! I never get enough. They are like Skittles!

The plot plot? Hurricane whatever leaves the waters full of zombie cooties. A woman and her family are one main character group. A man and his sons, the other. This differs from his previous books in the series. Before there were multiple characters. This there are mainly two story lines. Both amazing. Both covered in complexities of family drama. Shades of colors where on the outside merely looks black and white.


What was really great was the female protagonist. She wasn't a weak woman who turned 'Ramboesque' via her zombie shenanigans. This was a strong woman to begin with. But with flaws and insecurities. She didn't turn into Wonder Woman either. This character was done with realness. I could relate to her. Look up to her. She wasn't crazy. Or overly sexual who could take bullets without messing her lipstick. Her character reminded me of one of my favorite writers, Marge Piercy. A line of her goes something along the lines of 'a strong woman is a woman strongly afraid'. And that hits it. The strength of this character was to be brave in spite of her fears and how she dealt with it. 


What I love about zombie books isn't always about the zombies. It's about the growth of the characters. You watch them arch through their story line. You grow to regard them as family. This is especially true with listening to an audiobook. Their voices are there with you. 


I'm now on to the last book 'Mutated'. It's going to be a fun ride!