So that's a level 3 zombie, eh?

Mutated - Joe McKinney

The good, the bad and the omg it's over I'm going to go cry me a zombie river. 


The good. I loved listening to this series. And I guess this is the 'end' of that world. It started with a hurricane carrying zombie cooties. It drifted into zombie who could swim! How do we top that? Jump 8 years later. And zombies are...mutating! There seems to be a level of zombies and then there is that ONE zombie dude. You know. The reminds you of a bloody tampon? Yeah. That one. 


Also I have to give props to a great narrator here. His name is Todd McLaren. He has an amazing way with both genders and all ages...and er...zombies too. Seriously. He doesn't over do it. It's subtle. And each character has their own intimate nuances. He seriously brings to life each character. Each scene. After 4 audiobooks worth, you just feel he's in your head...only talking to you. Great work. You know a narrator can make or break a story for you. I've put down audiobooks before over a bad reading.


Anyways..the ugly? Yeah jesus zombie gore! It's not so much the zombies that had me squirming. It's the injuries done to the living. Like seriously I was feeling every single punch and break and tear. It was like how does this guy know this pain?! 


And now the bad. I dunno. I loved this audiobook. I loved the journey. But it felt like it just didn't have anywhere to really...go? It felt like the last 3 hours were leading up to an awesome build up. Come to find that it wasn't that big of a build up in the scope of things. And what you thought was the reason for the ending? Eh. They gave it up and then some more story. Just...I dunno. Left me wanting a bit more. I wanted to know more about the virus. The zombie dude, Nate, the special can't get zombie cooties dude. I really like when they delve into the medical of zombie stuff. 


But still. I'm not complaining! This audiobook was one I purposefully would lie in bed early for. Go on bike rides to listen to. Take walks around my neighborhood for. That's how I know I was in it to win it.