It's the end of the world as we know let's write all about it

The End is Nigh - Hugh Howey, John Joseph Adams

This audiobook is like a bag of Halloween candy. Even if you aren't into one writer's style (and there was one I wasn't too fond of) you still eat the whole dang bag.


It's a great idea going on here. A triptych of books. All about the end of the world. Before, during and after. Each author writes 3 stories, one for each book. So it's like watching a Twilight Zone marathon. I'm already onto the second book as I write this. I loved listening to my old faves like Maberry, Wellington, Grant and Sigler. And now I'm introduced to quite a few more authors I must now look up.


What I like is the variety of stories. I mean, yes, they are about the end of the world. But some are realy subtle. Some are way out there. Some took the very interesting approach of going back in time to see the end of the world. I was moved at how quiet and sparce some stories were. And then others jam packed. I was able to also get a good dose of my fave medical sci fi jargon in there as well. 


Not to mention the narrators. Some of my faves doing what they do best. Bringing audio to a visual mind. I found myself finding any excuse to listen to this book. I found myself lying in bed for hours at a time going through these stories till they permeated my sleep...and dreams in some cases. Some were frightening. Some were interesting. Some...were terrifying. What I enjoyed was that all of them had than genuine emotional feeling to them. I mean you are there with the characters. Some going through the last hours of the end of the world. You hold your breath. Imagining what it would be like. To finally be at that end. It's a bit soul wrenching. Absolutely terrifying. Knowing there is no way out of....the end of the world.