Every book deserves a second chance

Positive: A Novel - David Wellington

Let me start by being very up front about this audiobook. I had started to listen to it about a month or 2 before. And I had to put it down. It was so hard to get into. Issues with the narrator (just sounding so young and sorta boring), the character (just sounding too damn naive and too victimy for my liking. I could not feel anything for this guy. And also my state of mind. I had listened to an audiobook of a version of this as a short story in an anthology. And I thought it was going to be about that character. I was disappointed to find it was in the same universe but not the same character. I was bummed. I put the audiobook down and went to something else.


But then I thought I would give it a second chance. I'm glad I did! Now I won't lie. I put this audiobook down for days at a time. I could not listen any longer. I grew agitated and impatient with the naivety of the character. I grew antsy to be honest. Where were the zombies?! It seemed every turn of the figurative chapter there was another obstacle. I just couldn't take it any more. But I persevered. 


Apparently just like the character. I found myself so involved with this character that when something bad would happen I would shut the book down for a day or two. 


This story is of a world after the zombies. Now there are zombies. Straggler shamblers as I like to call them. But the real monsters are the humans. The world is the monster. Zombies are nothing next to cannibals and just mean ass nasty ass people. It'c cruel in a way that's tangible. That's real. That's...possible. And that's a fear on a level worse then zombies. The author pushes this world on to you and you cannot escape. You may look away but you won't be escaping. When you come back, the emotional nature of cruelty is there. But slowly, every so slowly...humanity comes around. Small as it is. In pockets. In little pieces of the world untouched by humans.


For those not knowing the story. It's zombies. Duh. It's infection. Check. But it's infection with a 20 year incubation period for you to zombie out and eat your kin. Imagine that. Getting bit and then having to wait around to see if you turn. And when you get in contact with a zombie, maybe just that blood drop or that little scratch?



You become Posi+tive.