Why I list audiobooks

So first let me say, I am here because Springpad is closing down. I had a nice little system of notebooks that cataloged all my audiobooks. I have a good reads account. But that is just too cluttered. I wanted a place to shelve my audiobooks. Both for the viewing pleasure of my friends and for me. 


I used to be an avid reader. My parents had me started at a young age. I  used to love those days at school when the Schoolastic book fair would come around! I would order all my little books just to get that free kitten poster! I also remember having a subscription to Sesame Street magazine. And that actually started my love of vampires. Still going strong all these years later.


But my eyesight is failing. I have blurry vision due to Diabetes. And so reading has become a chore for me. But then I decided to give my library a chance. And I found the wonderful world of audiobooks!


Now some people think it's not the same. Well if you don't have a choice, this is a life saver. Both reading and listening to books takes me to the same wonderful place. A place outside of my world. 


I made a resolution to read/listen to more books. And wow have I! I take 2 buses to work a total of 2 hours each way. So audiobooks just fly through me. 


I can't think of anything better then to be on a bus listening to a tale of zombies.


So that's why I now listen to audiobooks.