Already Dead - Charlie Huston

I have to first say this up front. I normally don't like noir style of books or movies for that matter. I was attracted to this book because of the vampire subject. I love modern takes on an old standard. 1 hour into reading and I wasn't sure I was going to stick around with it. But it grew on me. The same way The Grifters audiobook grew on me. Great narrators can seriously make or break and audiobook. I was sucked in with the rich detail of the world. It took a bit of figuring out just what was going on. Not the strongest story ever. But interesting none the less. Enough so that I gave this author another shot. I'm currently listening to another of this books called Sleepless. 


I think the audiobook was like the pilot of a sitcom you will eventually come to love. It crammed a lot of info and back story into one audiobook. Though it did leave a bit to the imagination. I wouldn't mind visiting this world again. 


*as this is my first audiobook review here, I should let you know up front. I'm not one to go into great detail about what a book is...well about. You have the book and the reviews to read up on if you want that. I'd rather tell you how the book made me feel. What my experience was like listening to the book etc. To be perfectly honest, I doubt anyone will ever read these. It's more for me to catalog and then maybe re visit later down the line.