I can't sleep!

Sleepless - Charlie Huston

First let me tell you why I picked up this audio. Yeah, I gave it a chance because I had just finished Charlie Huston's Already Dead. And like I said there, detective noir isn't my bag. But the premise of sleeplessness as some sort of disease you can catch? Oh yeah, that was a frightening idea. Considering my hate hate relationship with severe insomnia. The audiobook was interesting in that narration. It actually had two narrators. One being Ray Porter! Who I have adored ever since listening to the Joe Ledger series by Jonathan Mayberry. Now about the story? I liked it. I was enthralled with it. The setting is a almost apocalyptic LA. My actual home town. So with the description of streets and beaches and what not, I was able to fully map the landscape of the audiobook in my mind. The characters were quirky, but the despair was very real. My only dislike is the style of the story. Again, I'm not big on detective noir. But only because it follows a formula of throwing you into the thick of things. And you don't find out all pertinent information until the last few chapters. This usually ends in the aha here is the exposition part. Let me re-wind so I catch it all. 


But still? A great listen. This book made me feel as  if this could happen. Where the far far away future where humans pay consequences for their actions suddenly isn't so far far away after all.