Did you just sneeze?

The Gemini Virus - Wil Mara So I finished this audiobook while riding the bus to and from work. Considering the subject matter, it aided immensely in the atmosphere of this audiobook. It's about a virus that starts to sweep over the nation. Though it seemed more a realistic way of spreading. It could have been just last week this happened. It wasn't an apocalyptic end of the world type fiasco. But damn, if it wasn't scary as hell. You get a cold. You sneeze and cough. Four days later, adios cruel world. The story had 3 main points of view. One of the CDC medical jargon. Which I actually was able to follow. One of a particular family you follow along with. And one of the various anonymous victims. Though it did throw in some hokey side storyline that I could have been without. And oddly, this was narrated by the author. Usually I don't like those kinds of books. I listened to Hannibal narrated by the author himself, Thomas Harris. His accent was horrible! It kept pulling me out of the story. This narrator was okish. He was a bit too one note. But I was able to at least get into it and be moved emotionally. This was one of those stories I once again got teary eyed on the bus. Thank god I had my sunglasses on!