Why I won't remember this audiobook

The Colony - F.G. Cottam Meh. That is the most accurate review for this audiobook. First, I really wanted to like the story. But the story went and went and went. And it just never arrived. Well maybe a snippet arrived at the very last chapter. And by that I mean the last 10 minutes. And it still answered zero questions. It made you think oh this could be a ghost story! Or an alien abduction story! Or maybe a plague story! This was a story that had no clue how to end. It just wanted to wax on and on about too many characters and too many jumps from one scene to the next. I had no idea what was going on half the time. I stuck it out to the end because I kept thinking it would pay off somewhere. But it didn't. And the description of the female characters? So one dimensional. Either sexy smutresses or just cold fishes. It was horrid. Nothing touched me emotionally. And they didn't even give you a round up ending of any of the characters except for one, who I had no idea was a main character really. I was so disappointed with this audiobook. Which is why I busted out listening to it over the weekend.