Dead Run aka I just took acid whilst lost in the desert

The Dead Run: A Novel - Adam Mansbach

So I just finished up Dead Run by Adam Mansbach. I picked up this audiobook because I was just bored to be honest. Didn't really know what to listen to. It was in my library wishlist of approximately 244 other audiobooks. The premise seemed interesting. A man has to deliver a box of 'something' from one side of the Mexican-American border to the other. There are murders of girls. There are supernatural goings on. There's a young girl. There's a sheriff. Who is killing these girls? What's in the box, as Brad Pitt cried. Who is this Aztec supernatural being and why is he here? What makes the protagonist border carrier so special? And how does all this converge into one great kick ass ending?!There's one hell of an amazing story! The story moves from one point of view to another among many characters who eventually merge together. It's not convoluted, even though it's complicated. What I really love is the Hispanic folk lore that it takes on. A most interesting of stories. The author brings to life the characters of old and young. Of real and otherworldly. There is depth here. There is gore here. There is a great damn story here! I wish I could tell you what's going on. But I won't. I will once again just tell you how I felt listening to this. The narrator, Erik Bergmann makes this audiobook come to life! He is very reminiscent of Ray Porter. He does the most dead on American accent speaking Spanish to Spanish accents speaking English. It really helped bring this book to life for me. You know you are in for a good audiobook when you have to listen to the last hour in complete isolation to deal with all the feels!