Is that a red spot on your cheek?!!!

The Colony: The Harrowing True Story of the Exiles of Molokai - John Tayman

So can you believe I picked up another audiobook with the same title as that last The Colony one? Yeah, me neither. Well this one was 100% better. And...a true story! It's about the Leper colony on Molokai island in Hawaii. It spans the about 100 years from 1868 to 1968. A harrowing, often sad, sometimes funny and always interesting story about the people who inhabited this island. I was enthralled into listening to this audiobook. The serious and dour nature of this subject didn't bring down the tone of the audiobook, if you can believe it. These people were inmates, patients,victims and village dwellers all at the same time. Forced to live through deplorable conditions. Pretty much written off to die. But they didn't. Not all of them. They grew together to form a tight knit community and managed to make it through.