Criminal Minds?

My Life Among the Serial Killers: Inside the Minds of the World's Most Notorious Murderers - Helen Morrison, Harold Goldberg

So after that quick listen to the audiobook about cadavers, I figured some other light reading would do! Yeah, I guess by my book choices you can see where my little black heart lies. I've always been interested in psychology (try reading The Psychiatrist and the Nazis for a fun read) and serial killers. I can remember being a teen and having to lock all my windows because Richard Ramirez was killing in our area. Something about his scooping out your eyes with a spoon! Good times. Anyway, this audiobook was so interesting. It delves right on into the mind of serial killers. What motivates them. what riles them up. Their childhood. Their way of thinking. Their...illnesses. It still leaves you with more questions then answers. Because let's be honest. These people are fucking insane. The very way they think of their victims is chilling in its non humanity. There is no reason. This book holds nothing back. I mean it delves right into the nitty gritty deets of what these killers did to their victims. Many a time I had to pause and clear my head. And many a time I cringed just visualizing the crimes. So as usual, this is about how this audiobook made me feel. It made me feel queezy. But hey, I did not but this audiobook down for a minute! I was hooked. And the narrator was good. At first she had this way of speaking that was exceptionally slow. As if she were reading to esl students. But then I realized this was needed. I needed to have a non committal voice to go with the horrid details of the crimes. Something to sort of balance out the horror so to speak.