Merrily merrily merrily is but a dream

The Sleep Room - Frank Tallis

A man dreams he is a butterfly. And in that dream has no memory of ever being a man. The man awakes. Remembering he had a dream of being a butterfly. Is the man dreaming of being a butterfly or is the butterfly dreaming of being a man? That is the crux of this oh so amazing gem of an audiobook. Let's start with narration. I usually ditch English accents for a variety of reasons. They always come off too posh, no emotion, too structural and formal. At first I felt that way about this narrator. But he had a way of being so personal that you felt he was a confidential friend telling you his tale of woe. The characters are well rounded, very believable. The atmosphere is set to a tee. This book is gothic horror/mystery/thriller/suspense/medical who done it/ supernatural. It all starts off very real. And before you know it, the supernatural creepies kick right in. And you are taking it for fact! A beautiful story. Emotional. Critical. Tonight I listened to the last chapter and was blown away. It was definitely worth the long listen. I can tell it's a good audiobook when I try to listen to it in my bed and fall asleep with the headphones one. Having to wake up and re-listen. In fact I will have to listen to this audiobook again to get the goods from the start. I won't give it away! Ssshhhh.