I eat cannibal.

Dead of Night - Jonathan Maberry

*takes deep breath. Let's do this, shall we? First, I adore Jonathan Maberry. Like he's is mah hero. I loved everything about this audiobook. First let's start with the story. It gives you vignettes of people you think you won't care about. And then slowly and gently he works them into your sphere of auditory world. And suddenly you can't let these people go. The characters were real. Even though they could come off sounding cliche and one dimensional, they didn't. The female protagonist is inspiring. She's flawed. She's complex. She's fucking bat shit crazy to be honest. And I just wanted to be her. She felt so real. A strong woman without being a Wonder Woman. I digress to go to one of my fave poet Marge Piercy. And I quote 'A strong woman is a woman strongly afraid'. That's what makes this audiobook such a personal and emotional experience. And as far as zombie stories go, this one is horrifying. Why? Because this isn't some 2025 futuristic movie. It's now and it could be any small town USA. And I could be Desdemona Fox. 


Now the audio. Because you know if the narrator sucks, the story will suck. Now I can't find the name of the narrator, which I apologize for. Reviews stated he sucked and was clownish. I loved this guy. I mean he threw his voice and it felt at times, his body into this audiobook. He has a way of saying the words as if in action and not in description. An example I remember specifically is in his use of the word JOLT. He says it with a jolt. I know, it's weird I would remember it. But there you go. I did. 


Emotion factor? I want to add this, embarrassing as it is. I listened to the last hour of the book on the bus ride to work. With my sunglasses on and my head resting on the head rest in front of me. Why? Because I bawled like a damn idiot. Shoulders hunching. Trying to gulp the tears back. And eventually just giving in to what was happening. I cried silently as if it was me there. That's how well the author hooks you into his world. This book has gore. It has medical shenanigans. Governmental evil and finally...soul. 

I'm being a little over the top, but this book still sits with me a work shift later.


I want you to know. This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends. This is how the world ends. Not with a bang......but with a bite.