It's the end of the world as we know it...

12.21 - Dustin Thomason

And apparently I can't sleep. Because you know..the prions. It's always about the prions. Let me start by saying this. I have insomnia. And this is the third book in months I've picked up about sleeping issues. These prions are serious business, man. Just pick up Charlie Huston's Sleepless for a good night's sleep! Anyways. This was a fun read. And quick! I listened to it in about 2 days I guess. I could NOT put it down. Where to start? 2012! Mayan prophecy! Prion's disease! Epidemics! Medical who done it! And the Dan Brown school of lost symbols and ancient words. All rolled up into one juicy end of the world shenanigans. As you can see I thought this book was a hoot. And it's all based on Los Angeles, my home town! The premise is a little short on fact facts. Like yeah I can get to Guatemala from LA just by making a drive to the ocean. Getting a boat. Paying some dudes a fee and all while the USA is quarantined. Like. Just like that. But over look that. Like I said it's a fun roller coaster. Especially when you read it after 2012. The characters are a bit one sided and a bit on the shallow end. But that's because they aren't wasting time with back stories. We just want you to get the scoop right away! No building up and bored learning about your character's 'motivation'. 


Think of this as the Lifetime movie of the week version of the Doomsday 2012 show.