BOOBS! some zombie story BOOBS!

Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse - Nicholas Ryan

Got your attention? Good. Let's start on a high note. What I liked about this audiobook. One, it was super quick. 6.5 hours. I busted through this in 2 days I believe. It was a fun listen. If you want zombie apocalypse and nothing but...well this is the audiobook for you! Not big on background details. It pretty much jumps right into ZOMBIES!!! It gave you that panic feeling of just reading and getting settled and ZOMBIES! Yup. That's what this book was about. I also liked that it was different in that it was one guy's journey really. No multiple stories. Which is good, don't get me wrong. But when you only have 6.5 hours, it's good to stick to one character. The narrator was awesome doing male voices. 


Now the bad stuff. Boobs. This author had only a few women in the book. And none were really nothing more then props to move the story along. Which is okaaaaaaay. But I was still side eyeing him. But what just started grating on my nerves? Every single time he described a female, he had to describe the size of her warm, soft, heaving bosom. No. I'm not even joking. The women were just descriptions based on breasts. Seriously. You are in the midst of getting attacked by a zombie horde that just started 24 hours and you are describing the bosoms of some girl as she takes off her sweater after you just got attacked. Uhuh. Sure thing. I'm not a feminazi in any stretch of the imagination. I like some good tit action just like the rest. But this was ridiculous. I almost wanted a ding to tally the boob descriptions. Also there were basically 3 types of women. The slut. The virgin and the women who don't need names because they are killed by the zombies instantly. Yup. And the voice of the one 19 year old with heavy tits and a slender waist and big doe virginal eyes (she's actually the daughter of a preacher) has THE worst high pitch voice of a girl I've ever heard. She sounded like Elle from Legally Blonde. 



Other than that, the zombie stuff was awesomely gross. I have one more audiobook to listen to from this guy so let's see if he goes for boobs a second time around.