No boobs! But lots of zombie goodies

Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse - Nicholas Ryan

Well I said I would give this author another chance. Thank Satan I did! 


The story was good. This one still takes place in the zombie apocalypse world of Ground Zero. Only now it's about a month later. And it's new characters trying to do the only thing you can do in a zombie story...survive. But this one had some good characters you actually felt for. Not as cliched as the last book. Each one with their own depth and seriously added plot twists. I can say for sure I had no idea where this story was really going. It was suspenseful. It was taught with that air so thick you can cut it with a hammer because that's the only tool you found in that dead dude's shed. It's still cheesy. But damn if I did not put the headphones down a few times because I could not take any more dismembered fetid dead bodies possibly maybe coming back to life and eating your damn face off. 


The narrator on this one did an amazing job. This dude, R.C. Ryan plays the voice of a man on the edge quite well. And through all the dialog, I never got lost as to which gruffy man was speaking at any time. He even did the voice of the one lone female character with justice. Still a young girl, (with a most unbelievable story that I just went with anyways) she was tough and measured in her portrayal. No boob talk either! At all. Maybe he learned his lesson the first time around.


Next thing I want to talk about is the fear level. You know you read a book. It's about something happening in the future. Or in some make believe city you never heard of. Or where water flows up instead of down. You KNOW it's just a story. Not this. What I liked is that the story (as with the last one) is just about you or me trying to survive the zombies. Not in some far off place. Not locked up in some fortress of safety. Suddenly your neighborhood is THE battleground. Just trying to get down the damn street is a lesson in survival. I listened to this audio (as most) on the bus and on the way home from work. That means in the dark at about 10pm I'm walking home. My area is quiet and residential with few street lights. In fact the only lights on my street are from solar garden path lights we all have. There were a few times walking home I found myself staring into the dimly lit street (and I live on a dead end) wondering how I would survive. Wondering which neighbor would come at me first. And I found myself looking over my shoulder too. It was pretty scary. But this book did something else. It added a depth to what happens to the world a month out. 



People are the real fear. It seems crazy out of their ever loving mind people who want to just be mr crazy on the corner are the ones who seem to thrive just fine during zombie times. I guess it's true once again what Romero said. They are us. We are them. It's fucking crazy times man. If you aren't fucked in the head before the zombies, you sure will be after the zombies.


Jesus Christ. I need a nice summer read to get the chill out of my skin. Up next? A book about a virus that makes people go murder happy. Good times.