Equilateral, isosceles, scalene. It's the triangles, man! The triangles!

Infected - Scott Sigler

Wow. I can't tell you how freaked out triangles have now made me. Blue triangles to be exact. This book is a few years old, but I still won't tell you the plot! Just this. Triangles, paranoia, Colombo and Rage against the Machine are honorable mentions. I have to say I love this author. I actually got to this book via another of his books called Ancestors. That was a cheese fest sci fi bonanza! And this one didn't disappoint. This audiobook made me happy in so many ways. Let's get to it, shall we?

The story is full of awesome characters saying things you only wish you could say out loud. It's sort of like Tarantino scripts. People say real stuff in this book. Real stuff you don't think you'd say dealing with real stuff that should NOT be real but is. It's that awesome. The story starts and moves along at a frenetic pace. But you are right there with it. I like how each chapter is short and has its own title that fits in quite well with that particular vignette. Oh it's gory too. Gory in a way you want to throw your headphones down because you are squirming in your seat. Gory in that zombie way but so not zombies. I can't even begin to tell you what it is. Even after everything, you wouldn't believe me. In fact you would thingk it's a dumb ass premise. But I dunno. It worked. I think it worked because the characters in the story don't even want to believe it. But you get to work out the rationalization and acceptance through them. So by the end, well yes, there are indeed blue triangles!

And the narrator is actually the author. Now you know how I feel about that. Sometimes writers cannot be narrators. But with this? It works. The cheese is def there. He adds very distinctive fun customization to his people. And even at the end he admits that the female voices aren't the best. But he's hoping for an enjoyable ride. This is an author who relishes in delighting his readers. Apparently he started off as a podcaster and has done all his book narrations himself. And he continues to do it even with a publisher now.

I so loved this book, I hopped right into book two as we speak. I want to just live in this world of triangles a while longer. And if I didn't make myself clear with my happy review...this did indeed scare the beejebus out of me. "No bout a doubt it"