The triangles have met the spore!

Contagious - Scott Sigler

Oh man. So I finished this audiobook today. The last hour on the bus ride to work. By the last 5 minutes I actually had full blown goose bumps running up and down my arm like electricity. And my face was an emotional mess of trying to hold back all the feels. ALL THE FEEL!S



This story is the conclusion to Infected. This could have stood all on its own as one scary sci fi adventure. It picks up right where the other left off. I was never lost and got right back on that scary ride to Triangleville. I still tell you this story was WAY out there. Like aliens and mind melds. Spore infected blisters and military shenanigans. It had it all. So far fetched I started to wonder if this could possibly happen. No way. Triangles? Yup. Those pesky triangles have evolved! Dear lord. Could it get any worse? Oh yeah. It could. I was so taken with these characters. I grew so attached to them like family. Never do that. No character is safe! 


Scott Sigler once again donned the voice narration. He was once again, awesome! Seriously it's like a ride to the fair (I just returned from one last week). Your eyes are over loaded with blinking lights. Your ears are hearing screams of laughter and fear from the zipper ride. Your stomach is doing flip flops from all the triangle gore you just read. It's a ride I didn't want to get off. 


This was a fun listen. So much that I would try to stay up in the wee hours of the night listening to the audiobook in the dark. Completely engrossed into another world. A world where technology is just far enough out of reach where you think this is sci fi. But the truth is, we are in that age already. It's terrifying if you start to think of the plausibility of this. And it's fun when you least for are safe from the blue triangles.


*scratches arm.