"Live from the Apocalypse"

Fall of Night - Jonathan Maberry

So it's zombie talk! You know how I love the zombies. Lemme break it down for you. As usual I won't talk about what this book is. If you are a fan, then you already know. If not, check out the other reviews. This is once again the FEELINGS edition of reviews. Where I tell you  how it made me feel. If the ride was worth it. And would I go on it again. HELL YES!


Jonathan Maberry has a way with writing. He builds you up from one vignette to another. Slowly leaving each one with a 'what's going to happen next?!' feeling. You keep eating each scene like sweet sweet nibbles of pomegranate kernels. Bitter with a pop. But boy do you want more.  You've been listening slowly and with intense concentration to the story. You pick each kernel and deposit into your bowl. Ready to enjoy the sweet nectar trapped inside these little zombie pops. But by the end you've grabbed a face full of zombie and are mashing into your craw. Devouring it with intense need. 



Once again I was there side by side with these survivors. Some you knew from the beginning. Some weave in and out of your story. And yet the few minutes the spotlight is on these side characters, you are still enthralled with them. You get tangled in their story of survival. But it's not just zombie fiesta up in here. Oh no! Maberry brings his wonderful mix of doomsday politics (dead lord don't let our government ever be this stupid or indecisive!). and his military jargon right to the forefront. You get your good dose of evil mad scientist. Your evil mad zombie leader. And a good dose of kick assery in the form of a very strong female protagonist. It's like Joe Ledger's sister if she were also touched with a case of the crazies. 



Narration was spot on. And the female voices were quite good. Though they were a bit twangy. But considering it's supposed to be, it fit perfectly. William Dufris brings this book to life. 


*waits patiently for book 3